Oxbow Sulphur Treatment Plant

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The Oxbow Forming Facility located at the Associated British Ports (ABP) terminal in Southampton, UK is a sulphur forming facility which converts molten sulphur (from oil refineries) to sulphur pellets. Molten sulphur will be pumped from the sulphur tank to two Berndorf Accudrop sulphur pastillation units located in the forming unit building. The formed sulphur will be collected and conveyed to a 1,000 tonne storage silo to awaiting shipment by container. It has a maximum throughput capacity of 87,600 tonnes per year with an expected average throughput of 30,000 tonnes per year.
Protech, J.Murphy & Sons (Principal Contractor) contracted Lagoni in Q2 2014 to provide C&I (design, procurement and commissioning) and Functional Safety services.
The activities of this project included,
• Chairing Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) and deliver the HAZOP report.
• Layer Of Protection Analysis (LOPA) Study to determine the Safety Integrity Level for the required safety functions.
• Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Verification Report to prove design and build meets the required level of protection.
• Design and selection of Instrumentation, Control, ESD and F&G systems.
• Procurement of Instruments and F&G system.
• Witnessing FATs and SATs on behalf of clients.
• Commissioning of Instrumentation, Control, ESD and F&G systems.
• DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations) Risk Assessments. Delivered a comprehensive schedule to prove the equipment utilised complies with DSEAR 2002 to prevent catastrophes.
• Hand over of Red-lines and operational drawings to client.
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