St Fergus – Surge Model

case study
about the project
Lagoni was engaged to carry out a study into the compliance of design and functionality of compressor antisurge protection system at St Fergus Gas Terminal with process and functional safety standards.
Lagoni developed a high fidelity dynamic model of the compressor train to analyse the process and mechanical design as well as the control and protection algorithms.
The study provided the following value add:
• The process safety time and SIF response time was calculated. This ensured the Safety Requirement Specification and proof test procedures could be drawn up for the system to provide compliance with IEC 61511 standard.
• The CV of the Anti Surge Valve was evaluated to ensure a timely response against surge can be achieved.
• The anti surge PID response was tuned to provide an optimized SIF response.
The model was validated against the response of the anti surge system as a whole. Furthermore, the system response time was measured to ensure compliance.
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