ERP1 – Kirriemuir (Vent analysis)

case study
about the project
As an addition to the Vent Line Replacement project, Lagoni was contracted to assist in the performance testing of the ESD vents on the 4 x units at Kirriemuir compressor station. The testing was required to meet two key performance criteria, overall vent time and constant mass flow.
The activities on this project included:
• Planning of the performance testing that reduced the overall number of vents required thus reducing the environmental impact to as small as possible
• Data recording of process conditions during the unit vents
• Analysis of the data recorded against the performance criteria to determine overall vent times and mass flow rates. This required the calculation of mass flows from the recorded process data
• Report detailing the results of the performance tests and recommendations
• Provided support to Contain Engineers responsible for tuning the vent controllers
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