St Fergus Gas ERP1 Replacement Safety System

case study
about the project
National Grid were implementing a third gas stream to this plant and the upgraded safety system was not able to be installed during the implementation phase. Lagoni were contracted as a third-party to assist in the design and implementation of an interim control and safety system for this third gas stream.
Challenges faced during this work included:
• Minimal downtime - Operational availability of the plant (providing up to 50% of UK gas supply)
• The control and safety system for the two existing gas streams were designed prior to current functional safety standards and did not consider the human factor requirements
Lagoni performed a review of the existing plant with expertise from National Grid’s specialist Safety Engineering Department and produced a gap analysis of the existing implementation and the present requirements [IEC-61508 and IEC-61511]. The output of the review was a safety and reliability study report.
Lagoni also provided HSE endorsed recommendations to the Safety Department to implement a “like for like” solution on a temporary basis due to human factors limitations; timely replacement with fully automated system.
We were contracted to produce the required safety system design and subsequent site implementation and commissioning. By incorporating the recommended changes on time, the entire plant was capable of achieving target gas flow capacity thereby increasing the supply capacity by 33% during the high demand winter period.
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