SCADA Systems Engineer
Hanah joined Lagoni in 2018 as a SCADA Systems Engineer. She has over 15 years experience in this field acquired from working in automation across several industries including Oil and Gas, Airports, Automotive and Steel.
Hana graduated from VSB – the Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic and holds a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering and Computer Science. She began her career in the automotive and steel industry across Europe where she was involved in development, testing and commissioning of HMI and SCADA for clients including Audi, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Kia, TPCA, Ford and Voest Alpine Austria.
From 2008 Hana worked for Rockwell Automation where she was involved in the project lifecycle from SCADA specification, development, testing and support for Oil & Gas clients and more recently was responsible for the development of replacement SCADA systems for NATS (National Air Traffic Services) and Heathrow Airport Baggage handling. This also involved the preparation of quality procedures, templates and requirements traceability matrix.
At Lagoni, Hana is responsible for the development of new SCADA designs for UK’s National Grid network. Her extensive experience with major HMI/ SCADA design platforms makes her a great addition to the team and she enjoys the challenge of modifying existing interfaces to match or exceed the client’s requirements.