who we work with and how we innovate




To apply grass roots understanding to niche complex challenges across project lifecycles to create value for our stakeholders.



To develop the next generation of engineers who can solve the complex problems faced in the energy industry. By applying new thinking and innovative approaches to grass roots engineering, we can help drive the future of how the industry operates.




We constantly review & develop the skills we have. A key strength of our business is combining different people with different skillsets in such a way that we can efficiently deliver on complex projects.
With the above in mind, teamwork is held in high regard. We encourage a culture of value and respect and employees appreciate that success is driven together.
Quality = Trust
The importance we place on the quality of our service is fundamental to sustaining our business – both in terms of giving clients what they need and giving us satisfaction in what we do. We go the extra mile because we want to.
Stakeholder understanding
To provide the quality clients need, we must invest ourselves in understanding our stakeholders throughout the process.
Lagoni is fortunate to have a family culture and we promote this across the team. This reflects itself in the way we work together, putting in extra to help each other, and also in the way we promote a balance to work & life outside of work. We believe our employees will give us the best they can if we do the same for them.

Dealing with the risks because we understand the roots.